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Spreadsheet analysis {input & actuals section} Place bid Hide order Order Description Over all financial analysis for {REAL McCoy & McCoy Lite} using The 4 main financial equations to forecast growth for sustaining positive cash flow and increasing TOTAL EQUITY a. % change in volume= ? % changes in price/ {CM% + % in price} for {REAL McCoy & McCoy Lite} b. Variance = OMi ? OMj c. Dupoint model Net income/sales x sales/assets = Net income/assets x asset/ equity = Net income/equity d. Cash flow = Change in cash = Operating CF + Investing CF + Financing CF ADDITIONALLY, Margin, Markup, revenue, operating profit, net income, fixed production cost, gross profit margin, average variable cost, average fixed cost, average total cost, contribution margin per unit & returns on sale. Ru Essay writing Help

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