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St thomas of Aquinas Predestination Write an argumentative summary of St thomas of Aquinas Predestination ? Reading included. St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae 1.23 OF PREDESTINATION (EIGHT ARTICLES)1 After consideration of divine providence, we must treat of predestination and the book of life. Concerning predestination there are eight points of inquiry: (1) Whether predestination is suitably attributed to God? (2) What is predestination, and whether it places anything in the predestined? (3) Whether to God belongs the reprobation of some men? (4) On the comparison of predestination to election; whether, that is to say, the predestined are chosen? (5) Whether merits are the cause or reason of predestination, or reprobation, or election? (6) of the certainty of predestination; whether the predestined will infallibly be saved? (7) Whether the number of the predestined is certain? (8) Whether predestination can be furthered by the prayers of the saints? Art. 1: Whether men are predestined by God? A Ru Essay writing Help

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