stages in the perceptual process/ common types of distortions Research Paper Help

stages in the perceptual process/ common types of distortions Paper details: identify and briefly describe each of the stages in the perceptual process. Briefly describe the common types of distortions that occur within the perceptual process. Next,???? Based on what you learn about the perception, attribution, learning, ethics, and ethical conduct, how do they contribute to the success or failure of the company you selected for your research project? Please provide specific details?????.the company i choosed is bank of america??, please be sure to use a minimum of Two In-Text citations and Work References to support your opinions and facts. (One source can be your text book, but the other source must be from a credible online resource ? i.e., database, journal, news article, magazine, etc? ). ??.nd m attaching chapter 3 powerpoint slides nd book pics of topic hope u ll b able to read Ru Essay writing Help

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