Staples Wants to Enter Africa. Help Them


Staples Wants to Enter Africa. Help Them


Staples, Inc. is the largest office supply company in the world. Staples has found ways to survive and actually thrive in the face of online competitors such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Costco that also sell a wide array of office supplies. Staples’ retail, online, and mail order delivery presence gives it a competitive edge and now, having just increased its dividend payout, Staples wants Africa.

More and more companies every day decide to begin doing business in Africa. Research is necessary to determine the best strategy for being the first mover in many African countries (i.e., being the first competitor doing business in various countries).



Step 1 – Look for a map of Africa.(You can attach map of Africa in the paper)

Step 2- Look for demographic data on 10 African countries(same thing you can attach demographic data on 10 African countries in the paper)

Step 3- Gather competitive information regarding the presence of office-supply firms doing business in Africa.

Step 4- List in prioritized order eight countries in which you would recommend Staples to build stores. Country 1 is your best, and country 2 is your next best. Based on your research, indicate how many staples stores you would recommend building over the next three years in each county. List in prioritized order three cities in each of your eight African countries where you believe Staples should build most of its stores.


You can write 1-1/2 pages, it should be APA format, and please provide sources in sentences and also end of page.


Due Date: June 10/15

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