State police

INSTRUCTIONS: Answer the each part of the following questions with minimum 50-75 words each. Use the links to external sites when appropriate to answer questions.

  1. Use the story below to help answer the following questions:
    2. After reading the story, what do you believe are the implications on education should this digital divide continue?
    3. What is the impact of the digital divide on healthcare and on business that specialize in the delivery of health care products?
  2. Pick your favorite online retailer. Visit their website and provide a critique of their services. You should consider: speed of website, navigation ability, do they have photos of their products, how easy is it to purchase something, are there hidden costs, do they talk about shipping, what about real-time chat? Use these to help guide your critique.
  3. Visit: .
    1. What is the service for? What makes it so attractive to potential customers?
    2. How can businesses use these services to be innovative in their product design?
    3. What other forms of online meeting collaboration can you think of to use for your business?
  4. We live in a mobile world, where all of our products are sending us updates, push notifications, and information based on our location.
    1. Find an app that you currently have on your phone that uses location-based services (cannot be a map app…that is too easy and obvious) that you use. For example, has a mobile app that allows you to search for nearby homes, find pictures, pricing, and contact an agent. Find an app that you currently have that uses location services in a similar way.
    2. If you were to design an app that you could market and sell, that uses location-based services, what would that app do? Who would you market it to? For instance, I love to eat, so I would design an app similar to Urban Spoon. Be creative and think outside the box!
  5. State police departments are now piloting a 911 Text Messaging system. You may soon be able to text 911 to report an emergency. What are the potential benefits and consequences of this service? List and explain at least three of each.

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