State soil Were you aware that each US State (plus Puerto Ri Research Paper Help

State soil Were you aware that each US State (plus Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands) has a representative ?Official State Soil?? These soils share similar distinctions to official State flowers or State birds. Do some research to determine the official soil of your home state (State of choice Washington DC). Then, prepare a summary and in your own words describe the state soil. (Be sure to cite your sources appropriately.) 1) What state did you select? 2) What is the name of the soil series? 3) What does the typical soil profile look like, consider describing depth, color, etc. (You are required to include images and/or maps. Detailed instructions are attached to this forum.) 4) What are the major human uses of this soil type? 5) What other interesting or unexpected things did you learn about your state?s soil? Ru Essay writing Help

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