Statistic Paper details: The Assignment: 1.Read pages 13 ? 1 Research Paper Help

Statistic Paper details: The Assignment: 1.Read pages 13 ? 14 in the Statdisk User Manual 2.Open the Week 3 Project in Doc Sharing. 3.Perform Statdisk computations and answer questions in the Week 3 Project. 4.Submit your assignment as directed in the classroom. How to Format your Assignment You will be using the original Week 3 Project as it appears in Doc Sharing as a template for your answers. 1.Be sure to include the original problem as it appears in the textbook. The Technology Manual is in .pdf form and allows for you to cut and paste text, but do not concern yourself greatly with the formatting. 2.Insert your solution to each problem directly below the question. Color your answers red. 3.Be sure to cut and paste ALL tables, charts, and information generated by using the STATDISK statistical program and explain what each chart represents. Ru Essay writing Help

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