statistics assignment

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statistics assignment
statistics assignment
Developing an Action Plan Using Business Analytics
Unit outcomes addressed:
? Describe the health initiative addressed.
? Identify credible data sources.
? Choose appropriate statistical measures.
? Present an action plan based on decisions from data analysis.
? Analyze a given data set for the purpose of making a decision.
? Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the best action based on clinical data.
HS312-6: Explain the relationship between health data analytics and business decisions to
improve a specific healthcare initiative.
You have been asked by your supervisor to provide business intelligence related to a problem
about a disease or health condition in your department. Using your knowledge of data analysis
and business intelligence, you will develop an action plan to address this issue.
Using published research or your own professional experience, identify a problem associated
with a disease or health condition. Find credible supporting data to get a clear understanding of
the current state of the problem. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following
? Brief description of the current state of the problem or issue
? Presentation of supporting data and sources
? Discussion about why the problem should be addressed
? Explanation on how data analytics could address issue
? Recommended measures to track
? Insight that could be gained through data
? Example of visualization that could help present data

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