Stephen King “The Symbolic Language Dreams”

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Write an exploratory, analytical essay in which you explain and develop one important idea that you have found in your reading, writing, and interviewing process about the connection between text and visual, about the stories that come from these words and images. You began with one professionally written essay, and that will remain the foundation of your work here. However, you will also use other essays (from our anthology) you have read to deepen your understanding of, and lend support to, that single idea that you are exploring. Explore the larger implications of the idea; show the connections you have discovered between the texts. You may wish to examine how your interviewee exemplifies that idea – or serves as a counter example? Perhaps your interviewee had an important story to share that connects with the original text. Perhaps the student essays from New Voices have something to contribute as well. Try to keep your own voice front and center, however.
• Your essay….
• should include a carefully developed thesis statement; i.e., a controlling idea.
• discuss and explain the important main ideas from the original essay from which you’ve drawn inspiration and support.
• incorporate your author letter and interview letter in some way (but you decide how).
• include references to at least one other assigned article from the course, and may include references to other essays and sources as well – books, movies, TV. shows, etc.
• use MLA documentation, including parenthetical citations and a Works Cited list. Consult Pearson Writer App for MLA citation style and documentation, as well as grammatical clarification.
• should be a 3-5 pages (750-1250 words long), typed, double-spaced pages.
• Should be carefully edited for minor errors. Proofread and spell check, as usual.
On Draft workshop days, bring three (3) copies of your completed essay for peer workshop (To be explained in class). You will work your essay and peer review classmates essays throughout the class and do more work in SI on your essays. So it is imperative that you bring copies to class.
Draft workshop day: Upload a copy of the draft to Moodle for pts.
On Due date, upload one copy of your essay to Moodle for grade and pts.

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