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Stephen Law?s ?The evil-god challenge? Order Description Contrary to previous incarnations of the course, there is now one and only one essay topic: write an argumentative/evaluative essay addressing Stephen Law?s ?The evil-god challenge? (see attachment). Is Law?s argument a good one? If so, why; if not, why not? You must explain the argument before evaluating it (i.e., don?t take for granted that your reader is familiar with the argument). You must also compare/contrast Law?s argument with at least one of either Rowe?s argument from evil or Drange?s argument from nonbelief. For this latter requirement you MUST refer to (at least) our course materials: extra sources on either the argument from evil or the argument from nonbelief are only permitted in addition to, not in place of, references to the specific sources of our Course Package.1 Drawing in other material from the course is also welcome but not required. Ru Essay writing Help

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