Steps to Avoid Complications of Airway Management in Obese Patients Research Paper Help

Steps to Avoid Complications of Airway Management in Obese Patients Order Description Preoxygenation/Low Functional Residual Capacity, Apnea and Atelectasis risk. Cost related to failure to prevent above things/increased hospital stay/unable to extubate or wake patient , prolong ICU stay. Here some helpful hints : Must preoxygenate the obese patient. -safe apnea for obese is shorter than healthy patients due to high O2 consumption, decreased rib cage compliance, increased lung resistance, and most importantly, a reduction in Functional Residual Capacity (FRC) -time needed to increase O2 sat is prolonged -intubation is delayed due to difficult airway -vital capacity and expiratory reserve volume are decreased -downward diaphragmatic movements are limited -greater atelectasis (put PEEP on ventilator) *No matter which technique is chosen, to preoxygenate obese patients, the margin of safety is low and in practice allows only one laryngoscopy attempt. Ru Essay writing Help

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