Sterilizing Convicts and legalization of Drugs

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In this assignment write a 900 words paper in APA guidelines. Please note that the word limit is 3000 words (Times New Roman 12 font, using 1.5 line spacing). This includes an abstract of no more than 150 words. Please try to retain yourself within the word limit. If you exceed the word limit you will be penalized by receiving a lower grade. You are allowed to include a reasonable amount of relevant supporting material in the appendix. All material should be properly referenced according to the APA system of referencing used in most academic journals. This paper should discuss the following two issues below.
1. The practice of involuntarily sterilizing convicts abated during the Civil Rights movement era. Discuss possible reasons why the sterilizations ceased in terms of the influences of the social and political movements of the 1960’s.
2. Legalization of drugs has become a heated issue. What are the implications of drug legalization for substance abuse programs? How would substances be taxed? How would tax revenues from legalization be allocated?
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