Stock Valuation

Intro: As a manager, it is important to understand how decisions can be analyzed in terms of alternative courses of action and their likely impact on a firm’s value. Thus, it is necessary to know how stock prices can be estimated before attempting to measure how a particular decision might affect a firm’s market value.Â

*To prepare for this Assignment, choose a publicly-traded company, and then estimate your company’s common stock price, using one of the valuation models presented in the assigned readings (discounted dividend model, corporate valuation model) or outside readings. (If you want to analyze a dividend paying company, you can find a robust list atÂ

A) Defend your choice of model, and explain why it is appropriate to use for your company’s stock. B) Be sure to explain how you arrived at any assumptions regarding values used in the model. C) Determine whether your company appears to be correctly valued, overvalued, or undervalued based on your company’s stock current price and model result. Check Yahoo Finance for current stock prices. D) Finally, explain why your company’s stock appears to be over-, under-, or correctly valued.

Desired Reference:

  • Domash, H. (n.d.). Dividend detective. Retrieved from Dividend Detective site provides a listing of 800 high-dividend stocks. Each company on the list contains an estimate of its stock’s annual dividend in addition to its dividend’s annual yield.
  • original writing- no plagiarism please. Upload excel document separately. Will attach as much as I can to assist with assignment. Please answer each section required A-D. Each section can be used as titles in the body of the writing. Any questions- please ask

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