STORY ANALYSIS: Batman Watchmen, the Dark Knight Return and Dark Knight Films

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STORY ANALYSIS: Batman Watchmen, the Dark Knight Return and Dark Knight Film
For the purpose of this assignment I will analyze the stories The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen both were published in the same year and are comical books. In both stories are sophisticated and has high quality stories with evidence of originates of the Dark Age. Although it is believed that The Dark Knight Return copied sophistication and quality from Watchmen, The Dark Knight Return story is based on Bruce Wayne who was a billionaire at the time he was being featured in the book. The book represent his ten years in retirement which is termed as his second life as “Batman”. As a Batman he used to roam at roof tops and streets of Gatham city during the night with an intention of fighting crime (Miller, 2011). While, his long time friend Jim Gordon is about to retire as the Gang Mutants are wreaking havoc in the city and Harvey Dent is who is also his about to be released from psychiatric institution. Both stories The Dark Knight Return and Watchmen share similarities of retired heroes returning to action as well as aging which is evident in both stories.ORDER NOW………

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