Please choose two of the three Learning Style Inventory sites listed below and answer the questions posed to you. Please collect and organize the results. Think about the information being shared with you about your learning style so that you can present your findings to the class.

List of Inventories

1. Index of Learning Styles

2. Learning Style Inventory

3. The Center for New Discoveries in Learning
Your Task this Week
Put these ideas together by composing a visual presentation of your choosing.  Your presentation should include the following:
  • A title (a cover or title slide, a heading, etc. Use what is appropriate for your presentation’s medium).
  • An introduction that captures your preferred learning style.
  • At least 3 characteristics that define your specific learning style
  • In this online educational environment, how can you leverage your learning style in order to be successful? Identify at least two (2) strategies for learning online that support your specific learning style. In other words, if you are an auditory learning, what 3 strategies will you use to learn throughout your academic career?
  • A conclusion that summarizes the key points of the presentation.

Your presentation can be in the form of any of the following formats or a format of your choosing. Please ensure that your presentation is accessible by your instructor by either uploading or linking to your project. Here are some free, online format suggestions:

Many other presentation mediums exist. Select one that you enjoy using.

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