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Strategic Human Resource Management Essay You are required to address a contemporary issue within your industry.ÿ Specific industry examples should be provided: Choose one essay from the following: 1.ÿÿ ÿ?Organizational change is an inherent part of daily life in contemporary organizations. Combined with the recent economic downturn, it is likely that the new workplace reality will significantly redefine employment relationships and have an impact on individuals? psychological contracts (Guest, 2004; Freese, 2007; van den Heuvel and Schalk, 2009; Chaudry et al., 2011)? cited in:ÿ van der Smissen, S., Schalk, R. &ÿ Freese, C. (2013) ?Organizational change and the psychological contract: How change influences the perceived fulfillment of obligations?, Journal of Organizational Change Management, Vol. 26 Iss: 6, pp.1071 ? 1090 Critically evaluate the strategic Human Resource implications of managing the psychological contracts during times of organisational change. Ru Essay writing Help

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