Strategic marketing plan and action planning

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Please be particular about the word count it should not cross max of 3000 words excluding the tables, references, in text references and table of content. I am uploading the guidelines file and ppt slides please go according to instructions and I need tables, in text referencing and bibliography. The main reason behind choosing you again are the current assignment requires writing a summary of assignment 1. I am uploading all the needful files please kindly fetch me some good marks so that i can choose u again and again.
There is no specific layout requirement. Each question should be answered separately, either numbered or with the use of sub-headings. An Executive Summary and Conclusion are not required.
You can answer the questions without further reading ,but to improve your answers you may want to reference
may not be obvious from the case study.
In answering question 2, please stick to the timeline guide as the marks will be allocated between the parts. You can repeat your statements in the different sections if they are relevant.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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