Strategic Plan Considering the Major Themes of Communication; Coordination (formal channels); and Cooperation (informal)

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Project 3: Strategic Plan (20 points)
Find a real-life example of one of the following institutions. Examples can be found in every state. A simple search for �Department of Corrections� is a good place to start.
> Medium-Security Adult Male Institution
> Regional Parole and Probation Office Team
> Correctional Training Academy Team
> Juvenile Justice Male Correctional Institution
> Community Correctional Institution
> Supermax Correctional Institution
> Correctional Education Program of a State Correctional System
> Correctional Mental Health Program of a State Correctional System
> Medium/Minimum-Security Adult Female Institution
> Large County Detention Center (County Jail)
Introduce your institution by identifying the following:
1) name
2) mission statement (if published)
3) population served (number and demographics)
4) examples of programs offered
5) number of uniformed personnel and other staff members
Then develop a strategic plan considering the major themes of Communication; Coordination (formal channels); and Cooperation (informal):
Include in your plan the following:
1) 4 organizational objectives (these can be future goals over a 1, 5, or 10-year period)
2) strategies to address each of the objectives
3) at least 1 employee or inmate program that helps to achieve each objective
4) a method for assessing success for each objective
The final work product can include photographs, charts, graphics, or any other appropriate elements to enhance the effectiveness of your presentation

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