Strategic Plan Project – Strategy Evaluation Draft

Strategic Plan Project – Strategy EvaluationDraft



This assignment will ask you to develop a 3-year strategic plan for an organization with which you are affiliated. It could be your place of employment, a volunteer organization, a sports team, a religious organization, or even your child’s day care facility(company is Dell Company)the assignment will ask you to develop your strategy in three phases: strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and strategy evaluation.



This assignment is designed to expose you to the complexity of a strategic plan, and the measures required for properly implementing and evaluating a plan. It will allow you to:

Expand your knowledge of strategic planning within an organization.

Develop your ability to use strategic planning tools.

Contribute to your ability to assess the strategic directions and plans for an organization with which you are affiliated.


The formulation and implementation step already done, all you have to do strategy evaluation of Dell Company using attachment I am providing just adding following elements:

Strategy Evaluation Draft (Phase #3) Prepare a draft document that includes the following:

1.    Auditing Plan/Balanced Scorecard that will define how objectives are going to be tracked over the next three years.

2.    Contingency plan that outlines what steps can be taken to address unforeseen changes to internal or external environments over the coming three years.


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