Strategical Management

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This assignment requires you to undertake a strategic analysis of an organisation, identify the preferred strategic option for that organisation and to identify and evaluate the strategy formation process that the organisation utilises. You must analyse ONE (1) organisation from the following list.
? The Coca-Cola Company
? ExxonMobil
? Sony
This assignment requires you to take a range of academic models and frameworks from the strategic management subject area and apply them to a real-world organisation.
The assignment is in three parts. The first part requires you to use a range of models and frameworks from the strategic management subject area to analyse the various elements of the strategic position of the organisation you select. The second part then requires you to build on the analysis of the strategic position to identify and justify what you consider to be the most appropriate strategy for the organisation to pursue in the future. The third part requires you to identify what the balance of ‘emergent’ and ‘intended’ influences upon the strategy formation process within that organisation is.
It is recommended that you analyse a part of your chosen organisation (for example, a particular range of products or a particular region) rather than carrying out an analysis on the whole organisation This part should be large enough to face a reasonably broad range of strategic issues but not be so large as to prevent meaningful analysis.
Task 1 – 40 Marks
Undertake an analysis of the strategic position of ONE (1) of the organisations listed above.
? You should undertake an analysis of the environment, the capabilities, the purpose and the culture of your chosen organisation, and then summarise that as the overall strategic position of the organisation.
? Do not attempt to include a full PEST analysis, a full 5-Forces analysis, a full stakeholder analysis and so on, as you will struggle to do this within the word count. Undertake those pieces of analysis and then provide the key outcomes.
? Recognise that strategic position is not just the environment and includes capability, purpose and culture.

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