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Strategy at Tesco Write anÿ essay that carries out an analysis of Tesco Ltd. and its competitive environment. 1. Evaluates with evidence the competitive environment of the UK Retail industry and the key future challenges. You may use the evidence from group work on scenario, but what you present here must be your own interpretation. 2. Identify with evidence the key business strategies of the company over the past five years. Use either Porter?s generic strategies or Bowman?s strategic clock to discuss why this strategy was pursued or changed. Note that it is not enough to repeat what the company has said in its annual report about its strategy, you must look for evidence. 3. Identify with evidence the resources and capabilities of the case study company over the past five years. Evaluate this strategy in terms of alignment of resources and capabilities and Suitability, Feasibility and Acceptability. Ru Essay writing Help

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