Structure and Agents of Science & Technology Policy

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The study of science and technology policy has been dominated by two approaches. The first treats science as a tool for policy, as summed up by the notion of “science speaking truth to power.” The second focuses on policy designed to shape the organization and conduct of science. This approach has historically looked at government R&D policy. Both approaches have been dominated by modes of analysis that understand science and policy as separate spheres, which are brought together and in the process are corrupted or edified. Explore approaches to science and technology policy that avoid such sphere-based or linear models. Read the attached (uploaded) case readings and express your thoughts with respect to each based on an S&T policy approach.
Begin to identify, analyze, and evaluate arguments presented in any given text. Compose writing on the following:
-Identify at least 5 important points of confusion from the different readings that will contribute to valid class discussion topics.
-What are the most exciting or interesting points raised by the readings?
-How does one piece of the assigned readings relate to another one – is it an addition, a counter-argument, or an illustration?
-Am I persuaded by this argument? If so, why? If not, why not, and what could make it more convincing?
-What questions do these readings raise for me?
-What, if anything, do I not understand in the reading?

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