Students will report findings on a major purchase they have made Research Paper Help

Students will report findings on a major purchase they have made. Order Description 1450 words The Consumer Journal Report requires you to analyse the internal and external factors influencing the consumer decision- making process for a major purchase ? e.g. a car or a holiday. Your analysis MUST be based on reality, that is, you are required to research this topic with someone who has recently made such a decision. The assignment should be in report format. Your analysis will integrate a number of elements covered in Lectures 7-10. It is important to be analytical and NOT descriptive, demonstrating an understanding of which theories were at play in this purchase situation. Marking Criteria ? Description of Internal Influences (Perception, Learning, Motivation, Personality & Attitude) ? Description of External Influences (Group Influence, Culture) ? Analysis and demonstration of understanding ? Report format, presentation and referencing ? Overall impression of excellence Ru Essay writing Help

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