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Subject name is Digital Marketing ? For this assignment, main website is RedBalloon ? I will upload my assignment 1- Digital_Marketing_Plan_Concept_Brief.docx for you(submitted in Turnitin),please take a look -This is a group assignment. 2. Table of contents 3. Introduction 4. Company background 5. Current market situation 6. Overall and S.M.A.R.T objectives and issues 7. E-market strategies 8. E-marketing Mix Action Program(Total 3600 words) ? You don?t need to write,1. Executive summary 9. budget,10.Evaluation and control,because my other group member will do it -For strategy formulation (50%), please refer to Chapter 4 as well as RACE digital marketing plan template smart insights document attached. ? APA reference style ? I will upload all the criteria and assignment structure to you. ? Please follow the instruction which I am about to sent to you ? Please read all document which I upload to you Ru Essay writing Help

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