subnetting a network address; the network address is given. Research Paper Help

subnetting a network address; the network address is given. Paper details: Network Subnetting Assignment For each of them, I need the following information: The new subnet mask after the subnetting (10%) The following information for the four subnets identified: Subnet?s network address (3%) Subnet?s broadcast address (3%) Subnet?s range of available IP addresses (4%) The calculations on how you get to the answers (50%). This is very important. If you don?t provide the calculations or the way you get the answer, you will lose 50%. Your goal is to subnet them with as little subnet as possible but still meeting the requirement. In other word, maximize the number of hosts that is available for each subnet. Use the following network address: subnetted to 72 subnets and provide information for subnets #1, #3, #32, and #72 Ru Essay writing Help

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