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summaries+opinion you have to summarize the article answering the question :what ? why ? when ? and then analyse it critically by answering to : what if ? what is the real reason behind this ? and give a little of your opinion (be true don?t be so pink => everything does not have to be black or white !! try to be grey ) pick one (or more ) article of each of the above sources (that are not a first choice newspaper readings because (the professor is kind of against the system ((the US iand the EUt are he bad guys wanting everything for themselves other countries depending on them the russia scares them iran too ?..)) .. this is why you need to think critically )ÿ one and a half page for each article there must be !) articles. and best if they were international relations articles . any date you want even very old ones 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Ru Essay writing Help

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