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summarizing the book: Analysing Learner Language 1-The name of the book is Analysing Learner Language by Rod Ellis and Gary Barkhuizen. I can?t provide the book. You can get it from Amazon and it won?t cost alot. 2-This book consists of fifteen chapters, I would like the writer to summarize the whole book. The summary of each chapter must be two pages. 3-The summary of each chapter must be coherent. i.e. it should cover the meaning of the whole chapter. 4-I am expecting the writer each day to send me the summary of each chapter at least. 5-in-text citation is required, i.e. The writer must add some citation inside the summaries. (the citations are already included in each chapter). This mean that the writer won?t use any other source outside this book. Ru Essay writing Help

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