Sustainable Civil Engineering

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– Clear layout, title page, contents page, introduction, headings and sub-headings, conclusion, references, page numbers.
-Each part starts on new page. Each part has atleast 2500 words
– i uploaded the assignment task follow the description.
-use more sources than stated.
-one PowerPoint presentation for both parts, 10 slides per part.
new page. Sources of reference material must be stated, using the Harvard Referencing style. Use your own research, plus the books, websites and other sources provided in the Module Study Guide and course handout materials.
-Use uk references.
-Citation in text.
– diagrams citation.
-academic sources (sites, ebooks, e journals,etc..)
-use UK examples only – need to relate to UK legislation and policy.
-I will also upload lecture notes that may help in writing the report.
– do not exceed word count
This order is for 19-page Coursework plus 20-slide Powerpoint Presentation due in 5 days.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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