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2400 words excluding appendices, charts and tables. A research paper identifying and critically evaluating a commercial/residential innovation relating to sustainable design. The written report must describe the model used for creating the innovation and highlight relevant development and operational factors. The report must also describe how the innovation contributes towards a sustainable environment or business.
Format: Report format
Chosen residential Innovation: David’s sustainably built house
The house
-located in Abbotsbury, NSW
-Double storey, 300 square metres both floors in total.
-2 people are living- comment why build such a big house for two people? Is this sustainable?
– upstairs there are 4 bedrooms and two shower rooms with toilets- one of the shower rooms has two sinks…why two sinks? Is this sustainable?
– downstairs there is media room and study room. Are these things necessary when one can watch a movie in his own computer in his room and at the same time study there?
-all is painted in white. State the disadvantages and advantages
? Positioning of the house- The house is north-facing so the heat of the sun is maximized in winter with the living areas of the house receiving the most heat. This results in less resources needed to heat the house
? Design of the house- Large windows at the front and back of the house maximize the natural light coming into the house, thereby eliminating the need for electrical lighting during the daytime.
Sustainable facilities already installed please research about these products, state their contribution to sustainability, and include the links in the reference/bibliography/ appendices
? Carpet- All the carpet in the house is SmartStrand IQ 150. Why Is SmartStrand Environmentally Smart?
Permanent stain and soil protection is built directly into the fiber during manufacturing. It isn’t put on afterward with chemicals. It’s there for LIFE it will NEVER wash off, walk off or wear off, avoiding the need to use chemically harsh cleaning agents to clean the carpet.
? Recycled Rain Water Tank. Used for toilets and outside taps for irrigation
? LED down lights. All the lights in the house are Bright green LED lights. Why is it sustainable?
? Viridian ComfortPlus Glass laminate. All the windows in the house use Viridian ComfortPlus laminates- Safety, Self-cleaning, security
? 6 WELS star water rated taps
Highest WELS star rated taps at 3.5L/min
? 4 WELS star water rated toilets
Highest WELS star rated toilet at 4.5 L full flush, 3 L on half flush
? 3 WELS star water rated showers
Highest WELS star rated shower at 9L/min
? Thermostatic mixers on the showers-Automatically adjust the temperature of the water to the selected temperature saving time and precious water.
? Insulation
Pink Batts Insulation- Insulation plays a vital role in increasing the comfort of the home by stabilising internal temperatures and reducing noise transmission. Why is it sustainable?
? Induction Stoves
De Dietrich Induction Hob. Induction cooktops work by using induction heating to heat your cookware directly. Why is it sustainable?
Energy efficient and water efficient washing machine-Using ECONOVI sensors, the washing machine can determine the amount of laundry inside the drum, reducing water waste and saving electricity to give an industry high 4.5 WELS star and energy rating.
? Energy efficient ducted air-conditioning
Actron ESP Ultima
Actron ESP Ultima-ActronAirs ESP Ultima smart fan automatically reduces airflow.
? Z-Wave Home Automation technology. Why is it sustainable? In evenings, lights come on when sensors are activated ensuring lights are only on when people are nearby, thereby saving electricity
Most appliances are automatically turned off at night time, even those on standby, further reducing electricity costs
House talks and alerts you when doors are left open, eliminating unwanted heat or cold coming into the house and saving electricity
Electrical window blinds automatically close when the temperature of the house exceeds a certain maximum temperature and automatically opens when under a minimum temperature. This ensures that the heating and cooling of the house is regulated by natural means before any electrical appliances are used.
Below are the things that are soon to be installed. State an approximation of how much savings if they were installed at the beginning when it was first built.
? Grid Connected Solar PV System and Solar Hot Water
? Decking- ModWood Decking
? Solar Lights
? Home Automation Upgrade
Irrigation will be tied to the home automation system and the rain water tank so the rainwater is used to water the plants, grass and gardens automatically and when needed

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