Sustaining and Enforcing Norms

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Hello, This is an coursework. Written, Basic rules, Read the articles and the book and the write down AUTHORS THESIS and SOMETHING YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE WITH IN THE BOOK OR THE ARTICLE. The instructions are pretty easy and straight forward. I am going to attach 1 PDF file and there are 2 online readings you need to read and one PDF File i will attach so you can read the book : I want you to write down, each authors main thesis of readings. there are 3 readings: one is “Right, Wrong? In a Group, it’s Harder to Tell ” which the link is and other one is “Code of the Street: Decency, Violence, and the Moral Life of the Inner City” which the link is The there will be a PDF FILE I WILL ATTACH IS ” The Emperor’s Dilemma” So for each readings, write down Authors main thesis and An idea from the reading that you strongly agree or disagree with. ******** Note: Each answer should be maximum of 140 characters so that’s about one sentence and half.******** I will be expecting 2 replies for each readings and there are 3 readings, so 6 replies in total. I will go ahead and upload the templates for each that you need to complete. “The Emperor’s Dilemma ” is again on Theories of Social Order and the pages from 276-281.

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