System Administration Automation

Course Project: System Administration Automation

Course Project: System Administration Automation


Your company is currently planning to automate many different system administration tasks. Your manager has asked you to research a system administration task and implement it using vbscript. in addition, your manager would like to see both a proposal that describes the system administration task and a complete vbscript solution with sample output runs.


1. VBScript introduction: Variables, Constants, and Data Types

2. VBScript output methods. VBScript Input Methods

3. VBScript Decision-Making Statements

4. VBScript Loop Structures and Arrays

5. VBScript Procedures and Functions

6. VBScript File Input/Output Methods

The complete proposal should include the following:

1. Introduction

2. Description of program (Script)

3. Source Code with detailed comments

4. Source Code should contain a minimum 5 out of 6 topics learned during this session.

5. Explain the output along with screenshots of the output

6. Conclusion

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