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Write an essay with two parts
a) Explain, with examples from recent years in the UK, the main reasons why a government taxes citizens
• Briefly explain each reason that a government may tax its citizens and then give examples specific to the UK to illustrate each reason. This will focus on taxation policy over the last 10 years in this country
• Between 600-800 words in this part
b) Under the 1975 labour government, the basic rate of personal income tax was 35% and the top rate was 83%, with the main rate of corporation tax standing at 52%. As of April 6th, 2014, the equivalent rates will be 20% and 45% for personal income tax and 21% for corporation tax.
• Evaluate the economic effects of a cut in direct taxes for both individuals and firms in the UK. Consider both the benefits and costs
• Evaluate the possible benefits and the possible costs of cuts in direct taxes for both individuals and firms, clearly giving evidence to back up any points they make.
• Provide a conclusion discussing the relative importance of these benefits and costs and indicate whether they feel the tax cuts have a beneficial effect or not and why this is

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