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You are the newly appointed principal of St Bridget’s elementary school. At the initial school meeting you advise the staff that you would be conducting informal observations to determine strengths and weaknesses in term of standard pedagogy, instructional strategy and use of technology. You informed the staff that you would share your impression at next month faculty’s meeting. After your visits, you noted that the majority of the teachers were not using a variety of instructional strategies, and rarely integrated technology into their lessons. Further inquiries indicated that the staff had not availed themselves of the many staff development opportunities accorded to them, particularly in the areas of technology integration. A the second faculty meeting, you shared your impression with your faculty and a spirited discussion ensued. It was agreed that you reduce your impression to writing and provide the faculty with guidelines and expectations.
Your Assignment Prompts
Write a memo of 250-300 words to the staff that provides them with your guidelines and expectations. In the memo.
1. Indicate the student data you analyzed to determine the staff development needs of your staff.
2. Using this data, indicate two specific staff development opportunities you would offer to address these needs.
3. Describe 2 specific strategies you will expect to observe in future lessons.
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