It is well-known that the temperature of a gas rises while it is compressed as a result of the energy input in the form of compression work. At high compression ratios, the air temperature may rise above the auto ignition temperature of some hydrocarbons, including some lubricating oil. Therefore, the presence of some lubricating oil vapor in high pressure air raises the possibility of an explosion, creating a fire hazard. The concentration of the oil within the compressor is usually too low to create a real danger. However, the oil that collects on the inner walls of exhaust piping of the compressor may cause an explosion. Such explosions have largely been eliminated by using the proper lubricating oils, carefully designing the equipment, intercooling between compressor stages, and keeping the system clean. A compressor is to be designed for an industrial application in Los Angeles. If the compressor exit temperature is not to exceed 250°C for safety consideration, determine the maximum allowable compression ratio that is safe for all possible weather conditions for that area.

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