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We highly appreciate your choice of selecting Unimasters Custom Essay .it has always been our overall objective to provide our clients with top quality academic writing services. We are always ready to listen to all your challenges and queries day and night all through the year. We are always aiming to provide top quality academic writing services that will surely enable you to achieve your desired academic grades. We are the thought that everybody who has made an order at Unimasters Custom Essay has duly followed the right procedures and also observed our various rules and regulations. We, however, do not guarantee 100% improvements in your grades, but we do everything in our power to ensure that we provide our clients with academic papers that are of the highest quality and originally crafted. Our company offers research papers for research purposes only and will never guarantee you straight A’s. We go a step further and ensure that all the customers’ instructions are followed word by word. In the modern world, it ‘s hard to trust every form of academic writing assistance that is provided on the web. Unimasters Custom Essay have passed the test of time, and we have a large customer base from all academic levels as we always remain faithful to our promise of providing high-quality academic work. When a client agrees to our terms and conditions, we are thereby entitled to transfer any amount of money from a client’s credit card which is deemed necessary to facilitate the process of high-quality academic writing effectively as prescribed in the inquiry form. In some instances, some clients use illegally acquired credit cards, and we very quickly report these cases to the relevant authorities. We also have a team that helps identify all forms of cyber crimes and also lead the way in taking the necessary action. Therefore, be warned, if you intend to engage in any of the crimes mentioned above the long arm of our law enforcers will catch up with you before you even know it.

Unimasters Revision Policy
Unimasters Custom Essay offers various revision options in our effort to ensure that all our client are fully satisfied with our services. For one to enjoy our free revision services, one has to present the paper due for revision within a fortnight upon first receiving it after this grace period the client is expected to part with some revision charges which are usually at their rock bottom. We have a specialized team that deals with customer satisfaction, and they make their revisions on a case by case basis. For example in the unlikely occurrence that writer did not follow the client instructions, the writer to rewrite the order all over again or another writer is assigned this order at no extra cost to the client. It, therefore, necessary for a customer to go through his/her delivered order to ensure it is in line with his specifications. However, if its not he or she should return for revision purposed in order for him/her to enjoy this free service
Conditional Refund Guarantee
Our company refunds money if any of the following situations arises:

• When you cancel, order, which has been assigned to a writer and more than a half of the target time, has lapsed. You will get compensation of 50% of your payment due to the inconvenience caused to us as the company.

• We will give back 65% of the payment made to the company when you recall your order that the writer has started working on and is almost half of the deadline time. The reason will refund seventy percent is so that we can compensate the author adequately.

• 100% of the payment will be refunded to you by the corporation if you choose to withdraw your order before it is assigned to the writer.

In case, you make a double payment we will refund you 100% of your payment since it is your right to reclaim the refund. We will notify you about this by sending you the two receipts for your payment from our payment processing system. When such a case occurs, kindly contact our customer service by forwarding the two receipts through the company’s email, and we will immediately refund you the second payment in the shortest time.
In case the research we submit to you is unsatisfactory, you can send us a refund request by writing to us not later than one day after delivery of your order. If we do not receive your refund within the next 24-72 hours, our support team will assume you are satisfied with your paper and thus we will not refund you the amount.
All refunds and cancellations of orders should be notified to Unimaster Essays through communication expressed in writing, through our order messaging system or emailing the customer support department. It is the sole responsibility of Unimaster Essays to approve or disapprove any request that you make an individual case-by-case consideration basing it on the user agreement violation.
Unimasters Custom Essay strongly advises our clients never to apply for discounts and special offers at the same time for one particular assignment. A client should only apply for a discount or a special offer in one assignment. Unimasters Custom Essay only offers discounts to those clients that order our general academic writing services and it is important to note that other advanced services may not qualify for the same level of discounts.
Late Payment
We at Unimasters Custom Essay only engages our professionals in performing on order once a customer full pays for the assignment under consideration. Therefore, the company will not be liable for any delays experienced by a student who has not fully paid for his assignment.
The Sources
Therefore, this is a situation whereby the required sources for completion of the order cannot be accessed, are immoral or are not found in the public domain. Unimasters Custom Essay, therefore, requires our client to submit such kind of materials while initially making the order or at our following specified duration depending on the deadline for a particular assignment. If the order completion time is between 48 hours and ten days, the client should submit the sources by the first eight hours upon order submission. If the order completion time is between 12 to 24 hours, a customer is supposed to present the relevant materials within the first hour after the order submission. And finally, the related documents should be submitted within the first 20 minutes if the completion time for the order is not more than 12hrs.
At Unimasters Custom Essay we assume that when a client makes an order and fully pays the costs associated with that particular assignment, he or she agrees to all our terms and conditions after reading and understanding all these circumstances. It is assumed that the clients know that a binding contract is made at this juncture he or she is aware of all the consequences of any breach of contract. As regard to our after delivery services and other incentives, no other guidelines apart from the ones given above will be provided. In conclusion, we emphasize to our clients that it is a punishable offense by law to use an illegally acquired credit card, and therefore Unimasters Custom Essay works hand in hand with the relevant authorities to adequately locate and punish the users of stolen credit cards. Through our improved and modern art payment system, we duly report all identified suspicious cases of stolen credit cards to the federal agency unit.

Verification Concerns
Here at Unimasters Custom Essay, we are fully aware that there are so many con-men who are in the business of stealing from our unsuspecting clients. We have therefore made a lot of investments in installing a modern art payment processing system that guarantees 100% security for our client’s money.
Lack of Lucid Instructions
It is the sole obligation of a client to provide clear and concise instructions and their requirements including the due date of a particular assignment while they are making their order. If this is not done Unimasters Custom Essay, HOWEVER is not LIABLE for any inconveniences experienced by a customer due to his or her emissions while making the order.

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