The Break Up

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The Break Up
Watch – The Break Up
Answer the following questions:
What do you see in terms of the couple’s communication?
How is the communication styles of the couple impacting their relationship and intimacy?
What recommendations or suggestions would you offer to the couple?
How does communication influence your relationships with friends, family and partners?
What have you learned from this week that will influence how you communicate in your relationships?
Responses to the discussion board should be at least 7-10 sentences in length.
Part 1
What are your thoughts on conflict?
How do you handle conflict?
Why do you handle conflict the way you do?
Part 2
Which of Lerner’s Styles of Dance are you? Why? Explain why you identify with that style of dance
Pursurers, Underfunctioners, Overfunctioners, Distancers, or Blamers
Are you the same in every situation? Why or Why not?

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