The Breening of America never happened

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Answer ALL questions in Part I.
Identify the source in course dossier readings of each quotations below, providing a full reference. Then, in a paragraph of approximately 200 words, explain the meaning or significance of the passage quoted in the context of the reading—and Hollywood history. No credit given for answers without full references including page numbers.
1. ‘The Breening of America never happened’.
2. ‘Any initial opposition between show and narrative, primary and secondary, dreamed reality, is always collapsed by the musical’s own narrative logic’.
3. ‘The solution which, as we learn from the history of the cinema, finally came to predominate over all the others, was the integration of the narrator into the picture itself’.
4. ‘The picture palaces of the 1920s were perhaps the movie industry’s most conspicuous sites of excess, where the display in the auditorium rivalled the display on the screen’.
5. ‘The conversion of studio operations and the retooling of established story formulas into war films were crucial factors, but the key factor in this conversion was the narrative itself’.

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