the characteristics of standard normal distribution

– An oil change shop advertised to change oil within 15 minutes. Based on the data collected on a typical day, what is the probability that the oil change will take 15 minutes or less time? Based on the data, do you think the business claim is valid? Explain why or why not, and be sure to cite the appropriate principles from your text to support any claims or assertions made in your response.

Class Interval Frequency

6 to 10 minutes 3

11 to 15 minutes 8

16 to 20 minutes 6

21 to 25 minutes 2

More than 25 Minutes 1




2- What are the characteristics of standard normal distribution? The HR department of an organization collects data on employees’ age, salary, level of education, gender, and ethnicity. Which data do you think is more likely to follow normal distribution? Explain why. Make sure you support any claims or assertions with the relevant principles from your text.

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