The Conflicted American Dream

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Answer EITHER following prompts in essay format:
(1) How is the idea of the American Dream refuted and/or supported in the stories Isabel Wilkerson tells in The Warmth of Other Suns(ISBN:978-0-679-76388-8)? What is the role of place, landscape, and environment in these stories?
(2) Using both Sacred Subdivisions and other easily obtained data (such as YouTube clips, Saddle-back web materials, etc.), elaborate on the relationship between the American dream and Saddle-back-style American evangelicalism.
a. 12 pt font, Times Roman, double spaced
b. Chicago style bibliography (in-text citation)
c. A minimum of 3 outside academic sources. Absolutely no Wikipedia or the like.Books must be from an academic press. Articles must be from academic journals.
d. Your paper must have a strong, clear thesis statement (a thesis statement does not have to be a single sentence.)
e. The paper ultimately must be a clear defense of this thesis statement. What is the evidence you will bring forth for your defense?
f. Your paper must have a clear structure with a logical progression
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