The drug ” ice” is currently having a substantial economic and social impact in Australia.outline the main problem caused,and some measures to reduce the influence of this illicit drug in Australia.

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1- Background sentences
Introduce the topic in an interesting way
Introduce the scope of the task
Do not write about the issue, but write in general ( no gambling )
2- Narrow
write about topic ( gambling )
Explain key terms from the question
4- Thesis statement
Gives the purpose or aim of the essay
this style (This essay will discuss the problems of gambling , which include problem 1 ( in paragraph 1) , problem 2 (paragraph2 ). It will also describe the solutions, such as solution 1 ( paragraph 1 ) and solution 2 in (paragraph 2 ).
Do not forget PARALLEL problem 1 and problem 2 , also solution 1 and 2
For example : The marketing of goods and services is designed to bu ild long term and reciprocally valuable exchange relationships between entities and the public. The marketing of products can be accomplished through various methods, one of which is advertising. The core objective of alcohol advertising is to obtain a high market share for the brand. However, in view of the relationship between alcohol advertising andcon sumption patterns, there remains a powerfu l campaign to ban alcohol advertisements.This essay will d iscuss the positive aspects of banning alcohol advertising, which include reducing the rate ofalcohol consumption and changing societal rules regarding alcohol abuse. It will also describe the potential negative aspects, such as economic effects and boosting the rate of consumption oflocal alcoholic beverages

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