The effect of electronic word of mouth on brand image and purchase intention; a case study of electronic smartphones

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1. to examine the extent to which e-WOM can influence brand image and purchase intentions of consumers of smartphones.
2. to understand the motivation of consumer to engage in e-WOM in their purchase decision.
1. what is the motivation behind generating e-WOM?
2. why is e-WOM important to consumers and their purchase decision?
3. what role does it play in the image of a brand?
4. how do consumers respond to to e-wom?
yearly, marketers invest in advertising to spread news and information about their product in order to increase sales, promotes its image and brand recall of their product in a competitive market but in recent times, trends are changing as traditional marketing strategies have become less effective. consumers no longer rely mainly on advertising to make informed decisions.
sample size 100 participant
This is to guide the write of what the paper is about.
This paper should contain a statistical data of the market share of smart phones.
where is was before and the difference now.
This paper is an introduction for this dissertation so it should be written properly.

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