The emancipation of women means that the number and intensity of conflicts will diminish as women are natural conflict resolvers

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This is my seventh discusion and I want the same writer that did my previous two discussions to complete this essay. The question is : Statement for debate: The emancipation of women means that the number and intensity of conflicts will diminish, as women are natural conflict resolvers. The discusion should be linked to the classes reading. I will upload the PDF document with the classes materials. Please concentrate on Chapter 8:Conflict as a Social Outcome . Introduction to conflict studies: empirical, theoretical, and ethical dimensions, 146-189. Don Mills, Ont: Oxford Univ. Press Canada, 2012 Mead, Margaret. “Warfare Is Only an Invention—Not a Biological Necessity”. War and peace in an age of terrorism: a reader, compiled by William M. Evan, 218-221. Boston: Pearson/Allyn & Bacon, 2006. Hedges, Chris. “Chapter 1: The Myth of War”. War is a force that gives us meaning, 19-43. New York: Public Affairs, 2002 Answer the question, just like other orders. Refer to the readings by showing the pages, Also Refer to the Already discussed , You don’t have to agree or disagree. Just Be Concise and show understanding of the readings PAGES. so you know how to answer this by referring to chapter 8 pages.

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