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Often, as the study of a field progresses, there are emerging theories and practices that mix and morph pieces of theory and practice from the others that came before. In psychology, researchers and practitioners build on one another’s theories in hopes of figuring out which approaches are best suited for each mental disorder. This timeline is evident when examining the first, second, and third waves of psychological approaches and therapies.
For this Hand-in Assignment, answer the following questions:
How has CBT evolved as a psycho-therapeutic approach since its early beginnings?
What were some of the limitations of classical and operant conditioning?
How much of a role did these limitations play in the evolution of CBT?
Given the evolution of CBT, what do you see as potential future developments in the field?
Please provided some examples and draw a good conclusion.
Support your Hand-in Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. Support your Hand-in Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. Please provide DOI’s. Please provide as many citations within the body of the work as possible. No quotations. No copy and paste. Please note: Work will be submitted through Turnitin.
Sample Essay
Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) has now become the dominant force in psychotherapy in much of the world, including North America, the United Kingdom, much of Europe, and increasingly throughout Asia and Latin America. Th e rise of CBT is due to the confluence of several factors, primary among which is the increased focus on evidence-based practice and associated calls for accountability in the delivery of behavioral health services. Throughout its history, CBT has been committed to a scientific perspective to the study of psychopathology and its treatment.
Hundreds of studies have evaluated various cognitive behavioral theories of psychopathology, and hundreds more have assessed the efficacy of CBT interventions. This scientific literature has placed CBT in a unique position to dominate the field of psychotherapy (Herbert & FORMAN, 2010)

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