The Future of Education – Education in 2025

Login to my weebly account and click on “online learning environments”, this is where you add your inormation about the future of technolgoy in education, focus topic here is online learning environments and “MOOCs” (massive online open courses). The focus here is on research, prediction and effectively presenting the information to other classmates. Wild guesses, pure speculation, and current information will not get you a passing grade. You need to research what experts in the field and journalists are saying your chosen technology will look like in 2025. Then summarize that information and effectively and creatively present it. Your information must be based on research and presented on the web.


No matter what your topic is, you must focus on technology. For example, if you choose Policing. I do not want you to just talk about how policing will change. I want to know how technology will change policing in the year 2025.




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