The Greek gods

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In an essay of about five double-spaced pages, address one of the following topics. Be sure that your essay is well-organized and that it includes a brief introductory paragraph in which you present your central thesis, several specific examples drawn from ancient texts that illustrate your argument, and a brief conclusion.
* This essay is intended as an analytical work.
* I expect well-illustrated and cogently argued positions, but I do not expect research into secondary sources other than those assigned for the course.
* You must, of course, cite with full bibliographic information any idea that does come from another secondary source or discussion.
* Do not consult internet resources for this paper.
* Material discussed in class need not be cited. Quotations and citations from ancient authors should be cited with book and section or line numbers in parentheses in the text (e.g. Herodotus 1.134), rather than in footnotes.
Essay Topics:
1) Discuss Livy’s use of sources for early Rome. Does he accept these stories as fact? How critical is he of his sources, and what is the nature of these criticisms? What would you say is his methodology for writing about events that happened before recorded history and does this differ substantially from the approach of Herodotus? Creative Option:
2) If you wish you may instead write your own historical narrative in the style of either Livy or Herodotus. This could include, for example, legendary tales of dubious reliability, supernatural events or omens, or reports of bizarre and unlikely customs. Y
* ou should be sure that such elements serve your overall narrative purpose in the account, so that your reader is led to the notion that the outcome was the proper one in the narrative universe you construct.
* You may well find that this requires more work and more writing than the five pages required for the standard essay option.
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