The Importance of Self-Regulation for College Student Learning

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Kindly I want this paper to look like a personal journal not an academic essay; so please include this in the beginning:
My Learning Goals:
1) Graduate in 2 years.
2) Finish my assignments on time.
3) Seek help when I face difficulties in my studies.
Next: Please mention these points in paragraphs throughout the paper as what can I do to achieve my previous learning goals.
For the 1st goal:
– Take 3 courses for this coming summer
– Take 6 courses in each semester for the next year, then I’m left with the practicum year.
For the 2nd goal:
– Read about the assignments before its due date within 5 days approx
– Discuss it with friends.
For the 3rd goal:
– Discuss with my parents, husband or some friends.
– Go and ask my instructors.
– Surf the internet for trusted information.

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