The italian mafia is highly challenged on the international scene by the expansion of other foreign gangs

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In the case study, I would like an introduction in which the subject is being defined (good explanation of the terms of the subject) and explained. Why is it relevant to ask ourselves this question?
Then, after the introduction, within the case study I would like 5 or 6 different aspects of why the italian mafias are being challenges, in what cases.
Within these aspects, analyse them with your italian mafias and your foreign groups.
If the italian mafias are so powerful, why are they being challenged ?
Maybe they are not very good international partners ? —> These are the questions I would like to be tackled in the case study.
In the conclusion, the hypothesis (The italian mafia is highly challenged on the international scene by the expansion of other foreign gangs) should be approved or disapproved. And the conclusion should at some point be linked to organised crime in general.
These are my lecturer’s instructions on how to do a case study, please refer to them:
1) Choose a subject which will either help you develop a new theory, confirm/infirm an existing one or which will sharpen an existing hypothesis.
2) For the case study of a country: you could study the different aspects of organised crime in that country (gangs, activities, victims, etc), the government’s anti-organised crime policies and the law enforcement agenicies activities.
For the case study of a business: you could study the development of this business (history), its main expansion, its concentration, its main players, etc.
2) Think about the main points about your case study that will help you develop a new theory, confirm/infirm your theory or reinforce/refine/sharpen your existing one.
3) Organise and develop these points in a coherent and logical manner. Each point must be elaborated clearly, analysed intelligently and backed up with examples.
4) Once you have the main points for your case study as you develop them, think about how you can generalise them/apply them more generally to society, politics or the economy.
5) A case study must tell a story, while analysing facts and testing a proposition which can be applied to a wider

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