The Metamorphosis

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I want you to write me an outline about the story; “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka. The question is: Kafka’s The Metamorphosis uses the transformation of Gregor Samsa into a vermin (a bug) as a forceful image of disease. Please prepare an outline addressing the world of the family. Okay so i want you to write me an outline composed of 18 bullet points, each 3 talks about a certain idea (and each 3 points should have about 100 words). First write a summary of the whole story in 3 points (100 words), then about the characters (Gregor, his sister, mom & dad), then how each member of his family reacted to Gregor’s transformation (for example they were shocked, and embarrassed that their son turned into a bug, and how they needed him because he was the supplier of the family). afterwards, analyze the families reaction and relate it to how any family would react if their son had a certain disease. Please keep it all in bullet points, and as i said each 3 bullet points should be about 100 words. Also, can you please come with a creative title.

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