The minor’s Age of Marriage in United States Custom Essay

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Assignment Prompts
Please additional human right law, and what dose international law you about marriage age. And do not forget to talk about your own thoughts about that.
– Please follow these, especially footnotes in the bottom every page because you use APA style, and I asked for footnotes style, then use id and Supra if you repeat sources and its follow source use Id and for not follow source use Supra, last name of author, footnote number for example: Supra, Davis, note 6. Please must the footnote minimum three footnotes each page. Please read number 3.
– You did not use quotes. Please read number 1.
-You did not use heading. I .II. III. IV under each one capital latters A.B.C.D then the under the litters numbers and under the numbers small latters a.b.c.d (list library or numbers of library in paragraph in word program) Please read number 4.
– Please paper length must be no more than 10 pages exclude covers. Please read 6.
– Please delete the sources in the end of this research because you use footnotes style instant of APA style.
Please make align in this paper, tap in the beginning of each paragraph.
Paper Format:
1. line spacing
-the paper must be double-spaced
-quotes exceeding fifty words must be single-spaced and indented
2. page format
-one inch margins
-12 point font (Times New Roman)
-full justification
3. footnotes
-footnotes must conform to Official Bluebook format
-insert footnotes at the bottom of each page
-footnotes must be single-spaced
-insert a space between each footnote
4. headings
-use headings and sub-headings when appropriate
-boldface and underline headings and sub-headings
-designate headings and sub-headings in outline form
5. sections
-your paper should have at least four sections:
I. Introduction: provides a general overview of the topic
II. Issue: offers a description of the underlying legal issue
III. Analysis: provides critical analysis of legal issue
IV. Conclusion: offers a summary of the key findings
-this organizational structure should be conveyed in your outline paragraph in the introduction.
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