The Natural World

Week 6 – “The Natural World” and “The Urban Experience”


Watch Programs 10 and 11.

Here’s a link to the descriptions of the programs.

Here’s the description for Program 10 and 11.


10 ) The Natural World

From the earliest times, people have found sustenance, solace, challenge, and mystery in the natural world. In representations of animals, landscapes, and earthworks, art has been a means through which humans have negotiated their relationship to nature as well as to each other. We view drawings of the natural world mirrored by a metaphysical concept of the same image in the work of Kay Walkingstick


11) The Urban Experience

For thousands of years cities have been hubs of activity, centers of industry, and places from which new aesthetic trends originate, evolve, and spread. The creative visions of planners, painters, architects, and sculptors have shaped the development of cities around the world. In turn, the urban experience has inspired the creation of art work depicting aspects of city life. With the New York City waterfalls, artist Olafur Eliasson offers his urban audience a new kind of experience with nature.


For the discussion board essay for this program – Describe what each program is about. Then, describe your reaction or opinion of what you saw in each the programs. Give at least 4 major topics from each program. Name 2 or 3 items  in each show that you thought were interesting.



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Four Davids and Bernini Part One

The biblical story of David and Goliath has been a long time favorite of sculptures.

I want you to compare and contrast each version of the subject. Make sure to read the artist’s biographies and any material that accompanies the sculptures.

Be sure to watch this video – It shows Donatello’s David and many of the other Davids.

We, actually, have two Davids from Donatello.

Page of all of Donatello’s David’s if you need another view

Biographical Information about Donatello

This sculpture is from the Renaissance artists, MICHELANGELO Buonarroti (b. 1475, Caprese, d. 1564, Roma). There’s a nice essay at the bottom of the page that you will want to read.

This version is by Andrea del VERROCCHIO, (b. 1435, Firenze, d. 1488, Venezia. Notice that this is an earlier sculpture than Michelangelo’s. Verrocchio did this in 1473-75 and Michelangelo carved his version of David in 1504.

This version is by Gian Lorenzo BERNINI, (b. 1598, Napoli, d. 1680, Roma). This is a much later work and was sculpted in 1623-24.

Part Two

Look through the works of Bernini to get an idea of the variety of things that he created.

Particularly, notice –

Find one other sculpture by Bernini that you like and compare the different sculptures of Bernini. Be sure to include a link to your favorite Bernini. (From the preview window, the 1″ picture, right click on the image, select open link in new window. The image will fill the screen with a new image. Use this image to get your web address. Close the image window to return. ) Also post an image from one of the other artist that you find interesting. Be sure to respond to 3 other students.

Read about “Contraposto” which is an design idea that is often used in sculpture and other depictions of the figure.

Find one interesting fact about any one of these artist ( Bernini, Michelangelo, Donatello, Verrocchio). Post an image by one of the other artists (Michelangelo, Donatello, Verrocchio). Describe why you chose it.

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 – Jacques- Louis David Biography

Not only is David known for his style of painting, he is also interesting because he chronicled the French Revolution and Napolean’s rise to power.

“The Oath of the Horatii”, 1784

The web gallery has two or three close ups of this painting that you will want to look at. Be sure to click on the “i” in the comment column. It has more information about the painting and each view.

The Death of Socrates, 1787

Compare “Death of Socrates” and “Oath of Horatii”. Do you like the strict, formal, classical style of composition? The classical art style is more restrained and is more about making the best compositonal and design choices. They are also very interested in the ancient Greeks and Romans. Or would you prefer something more dramatic and emotional?

Go through this website or another such as Olga’s Gallery or the Web Museum of Art.

Find one work that you feel is the oddest painting by David and one that you feel is his best work. Share both links with the rest of us.  Be sure to tell me the titles and dates of the paintings that you pick. Sometimes, the links do not work. Tell us why you chose them. Don’t forget to post to 3 other students.

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